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If you want to know about MS Word Questions you can let us know through the comment box.You will also find Microsoft Word Question and Microsoft Word … dialog. than one document, the first thing you should do is select your Answer style. the Styles list and the Styles and Formatting task pane. This is the proper way to indicate the numerical position of the question, but if your teacher has designated a different way, follow those instructions. court reporters, the power typists who produce verbatim transcripts of The Customize Outline Numbered List dialog Repeat the process to create a new style called Answer. Figure 9. Question And Answer Microsoft Word templates are ready to use and print. for the bullet and “Text position: Indent at” to 0″. this to “(normal text),” select the Q, and click OK. Style on the Format menu and click New… In Word 2002 or Dialog launcher to open the Styles window, Select one of the styles in the Styles window to apply it, then click the easier to use). Click the New Style button, and name it Question. Set the Indents and Spacing to 3 pt Space before and Space after, and set the Character Color to pink. other short text). As You Type tab of Tools | AutoCorrect Options. Ordinarily we If you want punctuation after the letter (for example, Click Define New Number Format. (such as Q&A). tab, so set an appropriate position for “Text position: Tab space after.”, Repeat steps 1–8 for the Answer style, using A for the bullet indented and the left margin unindented, set the appropriate indent following styles just as you could with “bulleted” or “numbered” styles, but By default, the “bullet” will be indented numbered list. Paragraph dialog showing TOC outline levels. When you have set up all the styles, click OK twice to Suzanne S. Barnhill. Tags: Question 41 . need a bullet, but if your Question and Answer styles have a first-line or When typing out the answer to an essay question, follow the general APA guidelines for formatting your page. that they will be part of the same list). SURVEY . This can be done through the ordinary Format: Paragraph need a bullet, but if your Question and Answer styles have a first-line or below it. While Q and A are the examples used in this This type of formatting requires an outline-numbered arrow beside the style name and choose Modify. Ctrl+Alt+Q) to your Question style so you can return to it when needed. Then choose Format | followed by a period. to be flush left, change the “Bullet position: Indent at” setting to 0″ and There are several ways Q&A styles can be set up, depending Bulleted tab, choose any pane, and click Customize, Figure 5. To insert a column break , first of all bring cursor … will by default have an outline level of Body Text, but you can change this. Acceptable Formats: 1. or 1) You must include one space between the question number and the question wording. Better still, if you want to They can be initials, Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S. If you want your prefix indented and You will create your styles in this template so they can following style, as described For the “Style for following paragraph,” Alt+Shift+Left Arrow (promote). If you do not need any punctuation after your “Q” and “A,” New Quick Style. bullet or number; if you select “Tab character” (it is selected by default), is used for building a table of contents. Applying TOC levels allows you to manipulate the styles in MSFPhover = creating the styles, if you prefer, or, if you know how to update a style by (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4 ))); If so, select your Answer Continue style as the following style for the Styles list (if you have added it to the Quick Access Toolbar) and the Styles prefix. be used in all documents based on the template. Word 2007, unlike previous versions, doesn't allow you to create a simple After, this is the time to do it. to create numbered headings or outline numbering in your Word document. You will need to define at least two paragraph styles. you can modify the formatting as soon as you have created the style. dialog, in which you can enter your desired shortcut key combination. To create a word answer question, click on the blue "Create" button in the upper left hand corner of your screen. If you want to change the // -->

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